What if a software overcomes your physical disability and gives you the possibility to :

  • Adapt all your computer's softwares to your physical possibilities
  • Configure the behavior of all Assistive Devices you use by adding them new functionalities and abilities
  • Control your computer without worrying about your physical condition : cold, heat, fatigue, bad physical condition, etc...
  • Explore the Universe of Video Games without any limitations caused by your disability
  • Recover a complete Productivity to Work on your computer as fast as if you have no disability

They've taken the control on their computer accessibility !

Here are testimonials from our users...

Lindsey – Mother of a little girl with a Spinal Muscular Atrophy
Jennifer (8 years old) struggles to use her computer because she has difficulties to make great movements with the mouse. Even with the maximum mouse sensitivity, it wasn’t enough. We have been seduced by the high-tech aspect of the Give Access Softwares. After configuring the Theta Module (Accessibility Pack) in few clicks, we had the opportunity to greatly increase the mouse speed for Jennifer’s computer. Now, she can use her computer without any problem and she likes the colored interface : it really suits to a kid.
Alison – Former Nurse – Multiple Sclerosis
I didn’t know how to continue to control my computer because of my disease : my multiple sclerosis is so advanced that I can’t use a switch anymore. With the Eta Module (Accessibility Pack), I can use my computer without any switch and as quickly as I want.
Paul – Software developer – Quadriplegic
Software development is a subject I like since I was young. But with my tetraplegia, it’s difficult for me to keep a good stamina across the code lines I write with my on-screen keyboard. With the Pack Accessibility by Give Access and the Beta Module, double clicks which are so useful for me to select quickly texts and values are now accessible on the only one switch I can press with my hand. That's the same with the right-click : I can trigger it with the same switch I use for the left click. That's so easy to configure it and I don't need a second switch anymore.
Monica – Occupational Therapist
You must test it ! I discovered the Give Access softwares when they was under development. With this software, I can offer more computer activities to the disabled children I take care of. Usually, after some quick configurations, they take the control on the video games that interest them.
William – Video games player – Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy
My muscular dystrophy prevent me from using keyboard shortcuts. It’s a real pain because it affects my performances in real-time strategy video games which are a real hobby for me.

With the Psi Module from the Gaming Pack, I recovered all the keyboards shortcuts I need to play without any problem. This is so effective that my disability is not here anymore when I’m in game : I was just recruited in a gamers team.
Tony – Accountant – Hand Paralysis
After my car accident, I lost a part of my hand mobility. Clicking on mouse buttons became really painful. With the Alpha Module of the Accessibility Pack, I transferred the mouse functionalities I cannot use anymore on keyboard keys. It was so easy ! Immediately, I recovered my productivity with a 100 % virtual adaptation.
Jonathan – Video games player – Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Because of my carpal tunnel syndrome, It’s often difficult for me to make repetitive tasks with my mouse. With the Gamma Module of the Gaming Pack, I can change the way my mouse works and use different hand zones which are less painful. Changing the configuration of my mouse takes only a few seconds. It's so easy !
Michael – Fan of mechanical sports – Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy
I was always fond of mechanical sports. I’ve always wanted to play racing games in order to live a little bit my passion. Last years, it became more and more difficult for me to play this kind of games : either I need several switches either I need to learn to configure complex softwares to succeed. That was boring and more and more difficult to overcome my disability. With the Sigma Module of the Gaming Pack, in only 5 minutes, I was completely operationnal and I started to drive without any problem and moreover only with the mouse ! I really feel like I was driving as easily as my non-disabled brother always did with his gamepad sticks. I’m really impressed by the simplicity of use and a quick configuring steps of the Give Access softwares.

The 4 Accessibility Goals of the Give Access Softwares


1. Optimize your Assistive Devices

​​Our software adapts to all types of physical disabilities and is compatible with every assistive devices.

With artificial intelligence, you will multiply the number of features of each of them and compensate more easily your motor deficiencies. The strength of our technology is its ability to dynamically adapt your assistive devices to each softwares you use and each situations you encounter.

This will allow you to use your assistive devices and disability specialized equipments at 200% of their potential.

2. Adapt all PC Video Games

Imagine yourself being able to play any video game you want to. This is possible with the modules (functionalities) we developed specifically for the gaming universe. Even with very small physical capabilities, the Give Access softwares act in games the way you want them to act. It is as if an invisible person moving your hand on the right button to allow you to press on it and when you want it . By adapting slightly your in-game strategies, you will become competitive without being a cheater. You only compensate your disability without acquiring super powers. This is your game skills that make the difference, not your assistive devices.

3. Boost your Productivity

During your life, you acquired experiences, knowledge and skills. With a restored productivity, you can express your talent and your creativity without being limited by your disability which reduces your effectiveness when you use a computer. This will allow you to look at the future in a more positive way :
– Finding a job to earn a living to regain your independence is now possible ! It could be either as an employee within a company or in your own business.
– Having an associative activity to serve the community is also possible.

4. Never be restrained by you physical conditions or by weather

Say STOP to not being able to control your computer because the cold which numbs your hands, the heat which inflates your muscles, the muscle fatigue that reduces your stamina and your responsiveness, pains which let you do only small movements or the visual fatigue that limits your usage time of computer. You no longer need to worry about the impact of your disability on your performance : just focus yourself on what matters to you.

What can you do precisely with the Give Access softwares ?

Click on the + to discover.

  • Access to all keyboard shortcuts with only one keypress or one mouse click.
  • Bind multiple functionalities to a keyboard key or a mouse click.
  • Control your computer without ever having to click on mouse clicks or on switches.
  • Increase drastically the mouse speed to reduce mouse movements quantity.
  • Reduce the brightness of your screen to reduce your visual fatigue.
  • Control mouse movements and actions only with your keyboard.
  • Control your computer only by using mouse movements and the left click of your mouse.

Warning ! When we talked about keyboard key, keypress or mouse click, it works very well with all kind of existing switches.

  • Bind special actions to a keyboard key or a mouse click (transform temporarily your action, make an automatic repeat of an action, make a continuous press, display during a short period of time a control interface, etc…).
  • Assign special behaviors to a keyboard key or a mouse click (a short press makes an action, a double press makes another action, a long press makes the specific action, etc…).
  • Make an alternation between several actions with only one keyboard key or mouse click.
  • Transform a voice command which makes a short press into a continuous one.
  • Use the mouse movements to control the keyboard, make joystick or gamepad like actions / behaviors.
  • Use visual interfaces to trigger keyboard actions or to transform temporarily the action of the mouse left click.

Warning ! When we talked about keyboard key, keypress or mouse click, it works very well with all kind of existing switches.

With these tools, you will have the possibility to discover the universe of video games and to :

  • Fly aircrafts
  • Discover galaxies
  • Manage cities
  • Lead armies
  • Build and launch space rockets
  • Drive racing cars and motorcycles
  • Become a fighter
  • Ski in powder snow
  • Enter in the gladiators arena
  • Fight with a laser sword
  • Become a super hero
  • Solve enigmas
  • Fly helicopters
  • Join military squads
  • Cast magical spells to unleash storms
  • Etc…
  • Do an alternation between several keyboard shortcuts with only one keyboard key or mouse click.
  • Write automatically different texts, sentences or pre-formatted texts with only one keyboard key or mouse click.
  • Open your usual programs, files and website in just one click.
  • Reduce your visual fatigue by reducing the screen brightness or by applying colored filters.
  • Automate repetitive tasks.
  • Benefit of automatic text increment.
  • Write special characters with only one keyboard key or mouse click.
  • Use custom interfaces in order to trigger keyboard actions, keyboard shortcuts or mouse actions.

Warning ! When we talked about keyboard key, keypress or mouse click, it works very well with all kind of existing switches.

All the tools you need to

compensate for your physical disability on computers are here

If you are suffering of diseases or disabilities like :

  • Tetraplegia / Quadriplegia (accident, stroke, etc.)
  • Genetic diseases (Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, Spinal Muscular Atrophy, etc...)
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Poliomyelitis
  • Locked-in Syndrome
  • Hemiparesis
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Hands, fingers, wrists, arms or shoulders trauma, tendinitis or bone fractures

You can transform every assistive devices like :

  • Pointing devices : mouse, trackball, laptop touchpads, wheelchair joysticks, USB joysticks, etc...
  • Eye tracking devices (eye trackers)
  • Mouse clicks
  • Disability switches or Adapted Switches : standard switches, muscular / tilt switch, sip and puff switch, eye blink switch, etc...
  • Voice-recognition software commands
  • On-screen keyboards
  • Every devices which can make an action on the computer

Here are what we achieved :


Adaptations Created


Use Hours


Video Games Adapted

Our offers to make your computer accessible and adapted for you

Accessibility by
Give Access

$ 5 per month
  • 1 Module to Remap mouse, switches, on-screen keyboards or voice commands (Alpha Module)
  • 2 Modules to optimize / improve mouse clicks or switches (Beta and Gamma Modules)
  • 1 Module to control your computer without ever having to click (Eta Module)
  • 1 Module to perform all mouse actions from the left click (Iota Module)
  • 2 Modules to improve the control of the mouse pointer (acceleration and reduction of movement distances) (Theta and Pi Modules)
  • 1 Module to control mouse actions and movements only with the keyboard (Rho Module)
  • 1 Module to reduce visual fatigue (Ksi Module)
  • New features and new modules are in development
  • Other informations :
  • Instant Download, Install and Use
  • Install on 1 Computer
  • Operating System : Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or 10 only
  • Memory (RAM) : between 35 MB and 55 MB per active module
  • Available free hard disk space : 60 MB
  • Available languages : English, French
  • Active Internet connection required

Gaming by
Give Access

$ 8 per month
  • 2 Modules to multiply the actions of the keyboard keys, mouse clicks or switches (Beta Gaming and Gamma Gaming Modules)
  • 1 Module to make alternating actions from a single physical action (Delta Module)
  • 1 Module to transform a short action into a continuous one (works with voice commands) (Epsilon Module)
  • 2 Modules to control racing games, flight simulators, adventure games, etc... (Sigma and Tau Modules)
  • 1 Module to control fighting games (Upsilon Module)
  • 1 Module to create visual interfaces with custom actions (Psi Module)
  • New features and new modules are in development
  • Other informations :
  • Instant Download, Install and Use
  • Install on 1 Computer
  • Operating System : Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or 10 only
  • Memory (RAM) : between 35 MB and 55 MB per active module
  • Available free hard disk space : 55 MB
  • Available languages : English, French
  • Active Internet connection required

Productivity by
Give Access

$ 15 per month
  • 1 Module to Remap mouse, switches, on-screen keyboards or voice commands (Alpha Module)
  • 1 Module to make alternating keyboard shortcuts from a single physical action (Delta Module)
  • 2 Modules to write automatically preconfigured texts from a single physical action (Kappa and Lambda Module)
  • 2 Modules to open programs, files or websites from a single physical action (Mu and Nu Modules)
  • 2 Modules to reduce visual fatigue Ksi and Omicron Modules)
  • 1 Module to automate repetitive tasks (Phi Module)
  • 1 Module to increment texts instantly (Khi Module)
  • 1 Module to write special characters easily (Zeta Module)
  • 1 Module to create visual interfaces with custom mouse actions or keyboard shortcuts (Psi Pro Module)
  • New features and new modules are in development
  • Other informations :
  • Instant Download, Install and Use
  • Install on 1 Computer
  • Operating System : Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or 10 only
  • Memory (RAM) : between 35 MB and 55 MB per active module
  • Available free hard disk space : 77 MB
  • Available languages : English, French
  • Active Internet connection required

No minimum tie-in period

You don't need Give Access softwares anymore ? You can suspend your subscription at any time and resume it when you want / need it again. It's easy !


30 Days Money Back Guarantee

It's the first time you use Give Access softwares and you are not able to use them or you think your computer accessibility wasn't improved within the 30 days following your first order ? No problem, we will refund you without any question.


A dedicated support

We are at your entire disposal to help you to install or to configure Give Access softwares according to your needs. You can contact us on social media or with our contact form just below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Give Access softwares are an Assistive Technology and allow you to have a better control and accessibility of your computer.

There are Artificial Intelligences in each module to analyze every action you make on your assistive devices to transform them in more useful and specific actions according to the activity you have on your computer.

Artificial Intelligences help you to have “dynamic adaptation” of your computer.

You can make your computer more accessible for $5 per month with Accessibility by Give Access.

You improve video games accessibility for $8 per month with Gaming by Give Access.

You can boost your productivity and reduce your fatigue when you work for $15 per month with Productivity by Give Access.

According to your needs, you can have multiple subscriptions in the same time.

You can use Give Access softwares on the every device which use Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or 10.

It can be a desktop computer, a laptop computer, a tablet computer or a virtual machine.

Moreover, an active Internet connection is required.

That’s very easy ! You login into your account with your email address and your password. You will be redirected in your My Account page. On this one, you can find your Subscriptions and manage them.

You can cancel a subscription to one Pack and to keep the other ones active.

It’s up to you to decide : you are free because our subscriptions have no minimum tie-in period.

As soon as your subscription to one softwares pack is active, you will have the possibility to download the corresponding installer.

When the installation is finished, the only thing you have to do is to explore and test each feature to discover which ones you need to improve the accessibility of each of your activity. The interfaces of the modules will help you to make easier configurations. The most important is TO DARE trying new parameters combinations.

The more you will try and use the softwares, the more their usages will become usual for you and your computer autonomy will grow.

We are really attentive to improve our softwares and their features. Moreover, we’re continuing to develop new prototypes to compensate different types of physical disabilities.

If you have any idea of new features, new module or if you want to tell us about a bug, don’t hesitate to contact us : we are at your entire disposal.

If your idea is adopted, it will be added as new features into next updates.

You can use Sive Access softwares everywhere… In every educational places (schools, high school, university, etc…), in administrations, public services, hospitals, clinics, in companies, etc… You can even use Give Access softwares even if you are an independent worker.

To be clear, both private and professional uses are accepted.

The only thing you have to observe is to use 1 license per material (computer, tablet, virtual machine, etc…).

If you have any problem to install our softwares or to configure them, you can benefit from our support. We will guide you step-by-step for the installation and the configuration of each module. At the same time, we will tell you which modules are the more interesting for your disability.

Warning ! This service is reserved for private users and for independent workers. If you want to benefits of this service and you are a member of a professional organization (company, administration, public service, hospital, etc…) or an associative structure, you have to subscribe to one of our business offers. You can find them by just clicking here.

The Give Access Total Control is the “ancestor” of the actual Give Access packages and offers. We decided to make our offer to evolve in order to give you more flexibility with softwares and to reduce prices.

If you are still using the Give Access Total Control, tou have to know that it will not be updated anymore. You can ask for free to evolve to the new offers to benefit the new features. To do so, you just have to contact us by our contact form just below.

Are you a Company, an Association or an Administration ?

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