Assistive Technology Software to compensate physical disabilities on PC

Are you searching software to bring your computer to a new level of accessibility, to make video games more accessible and to restore your productivity in order to unlock your potential for a real professional life ?

You are in the right place !

Give Access Software were designed to help you to :

3 Tool Packs in the service of your Digital Accessibility :

Give Access Software can be used with all disability assistive technology and other accessibility software :


Assistive Technology Professionals to help you to adapt your computer and boost your autonomy

We provide services to help people with physical disability. Our Experience in Assistive Technology is at your entire disposal to provide you a new level of digital accessibility.

E-learning to overcome motor disability

One of the most powerful way to overcome disability is to take the way of empowerment.

With this spirit in mind, we are about to create e-learning programs to allow you to acquire the knowledge you need to perform an in-depth impact on your life (digital accessibility, technology, autonomy, professional life, etc…).

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By clicking on the button below you will discover the story of the Founder of Give Access. He is tetraplegic because a genetic disease. Discover his story.

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