Disability diagnosis : how to change your life ?

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There you have it, you just received a Disability Diagnosis and you have been declared with an 80% disability or with a disability rate greater or equal to 80%… What a news…


Through this article, I would like to give you some tips on what you can do to improve your life and your daily life. Ready ? Let’s go !

After receiving a disability diagnosis, a man in wheelchair retrieve his autonomy

Plan again : the technology is here to help you

The first priority is to get you out of the idea you can no longer do anything.

That’s a fact, your abilities are reduced, but in reality, even if your disability progresses through time, the technology is able to compensate for what you have already lost and also what you may lose later.

Here at Give Access, we fight every day to develop the most high-tech technologies to push the limits of disability and, you know what ? It works ! 

I am quadriplegic, I do not walk, I am with a 24 hour life breathing assistance, I cannot move my arms or my fingers and I do a lot of things ! I am an entrepreneur, I have university degrees and a super active digital life including video games. So you see, nothing is lost, quite the contrary !

You must build your autonomy by keeping the project of a new life firmly in your hands : a job, an accessible house, a love and romantic relationship, as many hobbies as you want, etc… All projects are possible so now is not the time to give up.

After a disability diagnosis, ask yourself about where are you in your life and what can you do ?

It can be very interesting to MAKE A FULL REVIEW OF YOUR SITUATION.

You must immediately think about a professional skills assessment but it may be a little premature, especially if you have just experienced a difficult and traumatic situation (hospitalization, intensive care, etc.).

On the other hand, It can be very interesting to analyze by yourself what you can do and what you cannot do.

According to the physical abilities you still have, you will be able to determine how to adapt your Computer and then how to recover a maximum of autonomy.

This is something I recommend to all people with motor disabilities that I accompany regularly. This method gives wonderful results.

Rely on the right people

It is very important to rely on people of good will (associations, disability professionals, caregivers, close relatives, etc…) and to require the help of specialists who have real skills and who have already obtained the results you are seeking for.

Anticipate your needs

Another important component is accepting that you have to anticipate your needs. When you have a disability, it is crucial to “plan for what can happen best, but also what can happen worse. Drawing up a quick plan of each situation will allow you to know what to deploy and not feel yourself disarmed in case of sudden degradation of your physical abilities. 

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