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Overcome quadriplegia and its consequences on daily life

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Living with a quadriplegia is such a special life experience.

Even after 36 years of living on this earth, I say to myself : “What a long way !“, it is clear that we, persons with severe physical disabilities, are evolving in hostile terrain

Between our health problems, our extreme fatigue, our transportation problems, our caregivers staff which help us being able to live (and sometimes to survive) our daily lives, school, student and / or professional integrations difficulties, the situation is far from being “sexy”

As if that were not enough, we must also deal now with the COVID crisis which adds a hell of a layer!

A man with quadriplegia is stuck at the bottom of the stairs because a lack of accessibility

Obstacles at all levels...

We are also regularly subjected to discrimination, ableism, injustice and  administrations that cause us (too) often problems

Of course, governments seek to improve the situation by trying to “force society” to be more conciliatory and benevolent towards us, but the underlying problem remains : the world was not designed to integrate people with disabilities as ours.

So yes, quadriplegia and its consequences on everyday life have a powerful impact on our lives.

However, behind the truth of this observation that we all make (sometimes knowingly and sometimes we prefer to forget it), lies an underlying problem which is even more real.

I am also surprised each time to find we close our eyes to this real problem and we refuse to understand it and explore it.

Don't let quadriplegia control your life : retrieve your Power to Act

Our real problem is we need to recover our POWER TO ACT.

When we become a person with is disabilities, suddenly, the possibility of action seems to disappear from our lives.

In reality a bias occurs : we seek to build our lives around the absence of action. We seek for a work that is not too tiring, an accessible activity, accessible places, workstation arrangements, etc, etc… This is a mistake because the world will not change just for us ! Even if the non-disabled society will offer to us (I have no doubt about it) more and more help and cooperation, the changes are very (too) slow to arrive ! In reality, it is easier to act in and on our lives by making lifestyle choices that can directly impact our daily lives.

We have to “build bridges between us and society”.

Some are convinced and say that it is up to society to make efforts and not to us, but it is precisely by maintaining this kind of discourse that we will become more and more dependent on OTHERS and unable to act on our own existence. It is by taking actions and in evolution that the salvation for each one can be found !

Of course, I measure what I say and I know that some people will not be able to take action immediately because disabilities “eat” our strength and our willpower. However, a change is prepared over time and it is human to hesitate, to postpone until tomorrow, to feel vulnerable and helpless. Growing your will to take action is complex.

But think about it : who other is better than yourself to find real solutions ? You have your own feelings about your own situation : it is unique and so difficult to transpose and explain. But it is also what makes and will make your strengths through time !

Choose Technology

Nobody tells you is that we are, in reality, living in a wonderful era !

All the technological tools already exist to help us with our compensation needs at an unprecedented level : 3D printing, computer programming, artificial intelligence, web technology, connected objects, etc… !

The strategy you must adopt is to start with ONE SINGLE AREA that you will make 100% accessible and which will serve as your “backbone” to unlock all the other spheres of your life (money, love, work, relationships, etc…).

This area is DIGITAL ACCESSIBILITY. In other words, it is about making your computer 100% adapted to your needs and your difficulties as a quadriplegic person and by extension to your physical disability. If you think about it, it’s an implacable logic !

Demonstration and Results

You make your computer 100% accessible and then what happens next ?

  • You will be able to talk with others with great ease
  • You will be able to restore your productivity and making yourself indispensable in the professional environment (only if you have acquired the right skills and knowledge)
  • You will be able to unlock” a potential source of income and therefore no longer depend on external funders (allowances, state aid, financing of your loved ones, etc…) to live.
  • You will be able to enjoy all digital entertainments, including video games almost without any limitation.

Have you noticed ? By unlocking the computer and its accessibility, we have literally transformed your life ! I tell you about it knowingly: that’s the transformation I made and everything changed for me !

All you need is to push the technology lever. Warning ! Not technologies offered to you most of the time in the “field of disability” (no no, these technologies have between 10 and 30 years late) even if sometimes it is necessary… You need the most high-tech technology that no one uses to overcome and compensate 100% for your disability.

All the information you need can be found here on Give Access : softwares or support, you have all the cards in your hands to transform your life and make it accessible ! Now is the time !

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